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  •   Since this year, The cold rolled silicon steel plant of Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has continuously deepened the enterprise reform, combined with the actual development of the enterprise, paid close attention to the "cost reform", comprehensively sorted out the indicators affecting the enterprise cost, and formulated special measures by adopting multiple measures. In the first quarter of this year, the cost decreased by 8% year on year, creating conditions for the enterprise to achieve the annual target。

      According to introducing,In the severe market situation,The factory constantly explores and promotes the market operation mode,Continue to promote contractual management,At the beginning of this year, it signed a contract agreement with each department,Adhere to the cost of benchmarking and table,With the industry's advanced index and the best historical index of the factory as the target,Comprehensively decompose and implement the cost indicators to the department and operation area,Do "horizontal to edge, vertical to bottom",Achieve cost index decomposition coverage。

      Collect cost reduction projects in the whole plant,More than 100 projects have been collected in the shortest time,Through the integration and combing of relevant business departments,Finally, 36 key projects were formed, including improving the yield of products, reducing manufacturing costs and auxiliary material costs,They also set a timetable and a person in charge,At the same time into the monthly performance appraisal,Directly linked to wage income。To ensure that the project is implemented as soon as possible,The plant has also developed hundreds of decomposition measures,比如,为提高产品成材率开展优化原料宽度添加量和降低钢卷头、尾质量缺陷;为降低生产事故的发生,不断优化设备功能状态和轧机串辊弯辊状态;为降低能源消耗,结合实际开展相关机组的零事故攻关;为降低辅材消耗,开展炉内碳套轨修复使用;不断优化工艺路径,According to the production characteristics of the east and west,Rearrangement of rolled varieties,Reasonable production scheduling,Ensure maximum efficiency in all production lines。Up to now, 16 key projects have been completed, all of which have reached the expected goals, and the remaining 20 projects will continue to be advanced。


Products and Services

  • Anshan Iron and Steel has a complete product series of hot rolled sheet, cold rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, color coated sheet, cold rolled silicon steel, heavy rail, seamless steel pipe, profile, building materials and so on。Implement the development strategy of differentiation, specialization and high-end, and constantly increase the proportion of unique leading, new products and strategic products。Adhere to customer-centered, market-oriented, optimize the marketing system and mechanism, and constantly improve the market share。


The industrial development

  • Anshan Iron and Steel implements the five development concepts of "reform leading, innovation driven, quality upgrade, intelligent manufacturing, green development",We will accelerate implementation of the "1+6" industrial plan,Unswervingly refine and strengthen the main iron and steel industry,We will coordinate the development of related industries,The iron and steel industry has changed from a single pillar to a multi-industry development pattern。